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Arraignment / Bail Hearings

Been arrested and charged with a serious crime? Facing criminal charges requiring a Bail Hearing such as DUI/OUI, Felony Assault, Sexual Assault or Drug Distribution?

You will appear for a Bail Hearing where during arraignment a judge will determine whether you will be released on personal recognizance, be required to post cash bail, or be held until trial without the possibility of release.

The seriousness of a Bail Hearing CANNOT be taken lightly. Your freedom and livelihood are in jeopardy.

CONTACT Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley. Attorney Kelley has extensive experience with the Bail Hearing and Bail Review process. Attorney Kelley has represented hundreds of clients at Bail Hearings and Bail Reviews for nearly a decade as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

CONSULT with Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley who has years of proven success representing clients on the Cape and Islands and all over Southeastern Massachusetts. Attorney Kelley is well known for his ability to defend his clients obtaining positive results through diligent attention to their cases. His experience with Bail Hearings and Bail Reviews allows Attorney Kelley to successfully argue at both the Bail Hearing and Bail Review level.

COMMITTED At your Bail Hearing Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley will provide you with skillful representation. Attorney Kelley will strive to attain the least restrictive, positive result that will minimize the impact on your freedom, family, and career.

What is a Bail Hearing?

A Bail Hearing is held after a criminal arrest on a serious charge such as multiple offense DUI/OUI, motor vehicle homicide, felony assault, theft, drug distribution or sexual assault. Bail is cash or property pledged to the court to ensure you appear at trial. The amount of bail depends on the severity of the crime, your criminal record including parole and probation violations, past defaults or failure to appear in court, the likelihood you will appear for the court date, your history of drug or alcohol abuse, your ties to the community, and your employment status. If you are a first time offender or the charge is a misdemeanor you may have low bail or none.

BAIL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GUILT OR INNOCENCE it is just to assure you appear at trial. Bail is paid by you or a surety (a person who posts bail on your behalf) Cash bail is held by the court until the case is completed at which time it is returned to you. Failure to appear for a court date will result in a default warrant AND POSTED BAIL WILL BE FORFEITED.

At the Bail Hearing the Prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office presents the facts of the crime and requests the amount of bail or possibly asks the court to hold you without bail until trial.

As your Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley will give reasons he disagrees with the facts and argue for lower bail or personal recognizance, your promise to attend the next court date without posting cash bail. Attorney Kelley will speak to your reputation, employment, history in the community, and your ties to family and support systems.

The Prosecutor may also ask for Conditions of Release, essentially a Pre-Trial Probation. Defense Attorney Kelley will FIGHT for NO CONDITIONS attached to bail arguing that restrictions would impact you negatively while awaiting trial.

If Attorney Kelley does not agree with the terms of bail he will ask for a Bail Review.


A Bail Hearing is a Very Serious Matter

It is imperative that individuals facing a Bail Hearing be represented by an attorney. Attorney Matthew Kelley is a talented, well respected Criminal Defense Attorney who has a reputation for representing clients at Bail Hearings to obtain the most positive, least restrictive results.

Attorney Kelley served for seven years with the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office, two as Chief District Prosecutor for the Cape and Islands. Representation by an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney is imperative. Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley will skillfully represent you and fight on your behalf.

Act Now – Put Your Legal Worries Behind You

Hiring Attorney Matthew Kelley to represent you will be the most important decision you will make. Attorney Matthew Kelley will work diligently to see that your outcome is a positive one.

Contact Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley today.

Client Reviews

Matt knows how to prosecute a case which makes a uniquely valuable advocate. I highly recommend Matt Kelley to anyone in need of legal services.

- Joseph Casey, Retired Probation Officer

"Attorney Kelley shined a light for me during a dark situation. He was thorough and honest and gave me a voice and a confidence in a situation that I couldn't navigate."

- JG, Yarmouth

"I was extremely lucky to meet Matthew Kelley as I was waiting for my arraignment, and would like to offer the highest possible recommendation for him to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. It was my first time dealing with the legal system- I was completely overwhelmed and...

- L.K., West Barnstable

“Matthew Kelley was consummate professional while handling my case. He was honest and realistic with his vision on how to proceed. I would recommend his services to anyone. “

- JD, East Dennis

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