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Clerk / Magistrate Hearings

Massachusetts Clerk Magistrate Hearings

Had an encounter with the police? Been told you would be receiving a notice to appear in court? Already received a summons to appear?

A Clerk Magistrate Hearing presents you with the opportunity to prevent charges from going forward in court. It is a chance to ensure that the offense does not appear on your criminal record, CORI, or public court record.

CONTACT Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley. Attorney Kelley will work diligently to prevent issuance of a criminal charge that could possibly have a long lasting, negative impact on your life.

CONSULT with Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley who has successfully represented hundreds of people that have been summoned to appear for a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing.

COMMITTED – Representation by Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley will provide you with the opportunity to avoid criminal charges from being issued thereby protecting you from a possible conviction, subsequent penalties, and a criminal record that will certainly impact your life and career.

What is a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing?

A Clerk Magistrate Hearing is also called a show cause or probable cause hearing.

A Clerk Magistrate Hearing is usually but not always initiated by the police who file an Application for Criminal Complaint with the Clerk of the appropriate District Court or Juvenile Court. In the majority of cases the application is filed when police may not have actually witnessed the alleged crime. You will be summoned to appear for a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing. It will be held at the courthouse in a hearing or conference room not open to the public however prosecution and defense attorneys may bring witnesses. At the Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing the police will present evidence to the magistrate that a crime has been committed and request that criminal charges be filed against you. You are also entitled to present evidence on your behalf. If the Clerk Magistrate finds probable cause a complaint will be issued and you will be given a date to appear in court for arraignment. During the hearing process the prosecution reveals detailed information of their case, information that will be of critical importance for your defense attorney should a complaint be issued.

A Clerk Magistrate may possibly find probable cause but be convinced by your defense attorney to hold the case for a specified period of time at the end of which if you do not appear before the magistrate on any other matter the complaint will be dismissed and no criminal charges or convictions will become a part of your court record.

If the magistrate finds no probable cause for charges to be filed the case will end and no official charges will be filed leaving you with no court record for the charge.

A Clerk’s Magistrate Hearing is a Very Serious Matter

It is imperative that individuals summoned to a Clerk Magistrate hearing be represented by an attorney. Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley is a talented, well respected Criminal Defense Attorney who has a reputation for providing clients with every opportunity to prevent criminal charges from being issued.
Attorney Matthew Kelley served for seven years with the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office, two as Chief District Prosecutor for the Cape & Islands.
Representation by an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney is imperative. Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley will skillfully represent you and fight to prevent charges from going forward.

Act Now – Put Your Legal Worries Behind You

Hiring Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley to represent you will be the most important decision you will make in the entire process. Your reputation, career, and future need protecting. Attorney Matthew Kelley will work diligently to see that your outcome is successful.

Contact Cape and Islands Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Kelley today.

Client Reviews

Matt knows how to prosecute a case which makes a uniquely valuable advocate. I highly recommend Matt Kelley to anyone in need of legal services.

- Joseph Casey, Retired Probation Officer

"Attorney Kelley shined a light for me during a dark situation. He was thorough and honest and gave me a voice and a confidence in a situation that I couldn't navigate."

- JG, Yarmouth

"I was extremely lucky to meet Matthew Kelley as I was waiting for my arraignment, and would like to offer the highest possible recommendation for him to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. It was my first time dealing with the legal system- I was completely overwhelmed and...

- L.K., West Barnstable

“Matthew Kelley was consummate professional while handling my case. He was honest and realistic with his vision on how to proceed. I would recommend his services to anyone. “

- JD, East Dennis

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